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Who we are

SRTC is a research and training center headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Our main roles are to provide research and training solutions to our clients nationally and internationally. SRTC provides an array of context-driven and tailored trainings in research design and data analysis services to both individuals and cooperate groups. SRTC also does wide range of research services e.g. humanitarian research, market research, academic research, social research, project evaluation, etc.

We work through a network of professionals and partners that have strong academic and work experience in research and project management.

Our Values

Our openness, flexibility and clarity when dealing with our clients have always made them to come back for our services and even refer other organizations.

Why Us

Our outstanding quality in delivering our services, technical capability of handling vast projects and still deliver on time, cost friendly services, and good customer relations has put us apart from all other organizations.

For every client we work with, we ensure we get their feedback through customer satisfaction surveys. This allows us to continually improve and provide the best possible research and training services.